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Chizai releases a soaring single this April!

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Composed by: Chizai
Performed by: Ajitesh Bohra, Arjun Ghai, Chie Nishikori, Kartik Chandel, Sarthak Bhayana, Sultan Aftab Khan

Artwork: Ajitesh Bohra
Lyrics: Sultan Aftab Khan
Produced by: Chizai
Mixed & Mastered by: Aman Moroney
Released via: Art Fidelity Productions


Thirteen and Fourteen

Still a momma’s boy, so petrified

It was better to love at Eighteen

Than to pretend, at Thirty-Five

Now it’s 4:20

God! I’m so high

Tryna 69

Ready or not, here it comes

Another season has begun

I am the father

And I am the son

I love you baby

You look pretty tonight

But momma didn’t reply

Happy Birthday daddy


Sing a lullaby

Ready or not, here it comes

Another season has begun

Coming of age is gone

Remember the name when we’re done

Nothing but silence

Life is short


Press Release

About the song

Chizai's S6 E01 is a soul-stirring ode to life's ever-evolving chapters. Not just a song, it's a musical journey expressed in hope to resonate with listeners on a heartfelt level, inviting them to reflect on their own experiences and the beauty of growth and resilience.

The upcoming track S6 E01 draws inspiration from personal experiences and introspection of Chizai.

The song's genesis traces back to a serene night by a bonfire in the hills of a small village Grahan in Himachal Pradesh, India where the beautiful riff took shape, driven by an accidental switch between A# and A, perfectly capturing the essence of the moment.

Sultan also adds "The lyrics of S6 E01 were initially inspired by Robert Frost's poem 'The Road Not Taken,' but as we delved deeper, the song evolved into a reflection of life's journey and the concept of 'Self Parenting.' It's a sonic narrative of growth, maturity, and self-discovery."

Each instrument in S6 E01 plays a vital role in conveying the song's emotional depth. Chie's performance traverses the stages of life, from tender innocence to confident self-awareness, adding layers of sentiment and maturity to the composition. Similarly with the guitars, the introductory chords could symbolise new beginnings to the driven tones in the chorus that comes later.