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Here are the three independent artists on our radar, this month.

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Dudi Shaul (Saravá Music) is a guitarist, composer and teacher with a defining presence based in Tel Aviv. His songs on the Spanish guitar explore the musical pathways travelled over generations between Africa, Brazil and the Middle East expressing a yearning for home, freedom and peace. After listening to a burnt disk of Afro-samba in his teens there was no way back, with his heart at his fingertips and his voice reverberating through the strings, Dudi creates a sound that is both mesmerising, honest and unique. Saravá means ‘the force of nature’, or ‘cheers to life!’ and also encompasses the blues of the desert and an uncompromising celebration of life.


🎙️ Singer - Songwriter
📍 Israel / Australia
🎵 Afro-Brazilian Groove with Middle Eastern Roots

Hailing from the smallest of towns in Jharkhand, Aryan a.k.a. ARMA, is a 22-year young singer-songwriter, rapper, multi-instrumentalist, music producer, beatboxer and a mix and master engineer.

With a knowledge of over 5 different languages including Spanish, French and Portuguese, ARMA is a pretty versatile artist who cares a lot about details and finesse.

It's important to know that ARMA is set to be the Fastest Rapper in the World breaking Eminem's World Record Rap 'Godzilla'. Apart from this, he also has quite a unique guitar-playing style involving percussion like never seen before.


🎙️ Singer - Songwriter
📍 Hazaribagh, Jharkhand
🎵 Indie Pop / Folk

Temsukala Lemtur hailing from the hills of Nagaland is a rising force to look out for in the indie music scene of our country.

With songs picked from real life experiences in and around her, she has garnered her loyal following popularly as Temsu Clover.


🎙️ Singer - Songwriter
📍 Dimapur, Nagaland
🎵 Indie Pop, Mellow Indie Folk

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